Head-on Collisions

No car accident is completely harmless, but head-on collisions are particularly dangerous. In other types of car accidents, it is usually one of the vehicles and its occupants that suffer the brunt of the damage. But with head-on collisions, both vehicles are affected about the same, and the damage experienced by both vehicles can be extremely high. In fact, a head-on collision is more likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities more than any other kind of car accident.

That means anyone who has suffered a head-on collision is likely to need a lot of medical care, and their vehicle will probably suffer a lot of damage as well. But if the accident was caused by the other driver, then they will not have to pay for those expenses themself. We at the Eslinger Law Firm can help anyone from Kansas City who was injured in a head-on collision that was caused by the negligence of the other driver. We can help prove their fault, and we can negotiate with their insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve. So contact us as soon as possible after you have been in a head-on collision.

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The Dangers of Head-on Collisions

According to the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), head-on collisions accounted for 57% of passenger deaths in 2019. That is even higher than side-impact collisions, which is when a car collides with the side of another vehicle. While head-on collisions can be very dangerous, they are relatively rare, at least on city streets, where they account for less than 7% of car accidents. They are far more likely to occur on rural roads where there are more two-lane roads, as opposed to city streets which tend to have dual carriageway streets with lanes separated by a concrete barrier.

The reason why head-on collisions are so dangerous is that the speeds of each vehicle combine to create a greater force of impact than if they had each collided with a stationary object. So the impact of two vehicles that experienced a head-on collision while each traveling at 30 MPH is about the same as either vehicle hitting a wall while traveling at about 60 MPH. That is why a head-on collision is so dangerous to the vehicles and their occupants.

The Causes of Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions are caused by many of the same reasons as other car accidents, which is mainly that the driver was not paying attention to the road for some reason. The following are some of the most common causes of head-on collisions:

Drunk Driving – A drunk driver has poor judgment and reaction speed and is more likely to drift into the opposite lane while driving.

Distracted Driving – Drivers who are engaged in other activities that take their attention off the road— such as eating, texting, or grooming— have a higher risk of accidentally drifting into another lane.

Fatigued Driving – A tired driver is likely to drift in and out of consciousness, which can result in their inadvertently wandering into another lane.

Poor Weather – Snow, rain, and sleet can create slippery conditions that can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle if they are not driving carefully enough. That can cause the vehicle to end up in the opposite lane as the driver struggles to retain control.

Mechanical Failure – A failure of the brakes, steering, tires, or any vital components that affect the handling of the vehicle can cause the driver to lose control and end up in the oncoming lane. 

A Prior Accident – In some cases, an accident that occurred in the driver’s lane could cause them to lose control and end up in the oncoming lane. A sideswipe collision could push the vehicle into oncoming traffic, or a driver could swerve around an accident that happened ahead of them and end up in the opposite lane.

Contact Us If You Were in a Head-on Collision

A head-on collision can cause devastating injuries like broken bones, traumatic head injuries, neck and spinal damage, and more. Any vehicles involved in a head-on collision are likely to suffer serious damage as well. That means anyone who has been in a head-on collision is likely to have a lot of high expenses that they need to take care of. The Eslinger Law Firm can help victims of head-on collisions that were caused by the negligence of the other driver.

Our car accident attorneys can help them to get the compensation they need to cover their expenses so that they do not have to pay for them out of their own pocket. Our law firm can help them through every stage of the process, from gathering the evidence that proves the fault of the other driver to help them file their injury claim, to negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company to make sure that they offer a fair settlement. So if you were in a head-on collision in Kansas City, contact the Eslinger Law Firm to get the legal help you need.