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Dogs are man’s best friend, but there are situations where they can become man’s worst enemy, and that is when they bite someone unprovoked. A dog bite can be a traumatic experience for the victim, but it can also be a dangerous one because of the risk of injury and infection. Plus, there are the psychological scars that a dog attack leaves on the victim. When a dog bites a human, it is the owner who is held at fault because they did not properly restrain their pet. It does not matter if the dog never displayed any aggressive behavior before; the owner is still deemed to be at fault.

That is why the dog bite victim is entitled to receive compensation from the insurance company of the dog’s owner. The reason is that a dog bite falls under the purview of personal injury law, which entitles accident victims to receive compensation from the insurance company of the party responsible for their accident. However, in order to get the best chance of securing that compensation, the accident victim will need the help of a Kansas City personal injury lawyer.

If you were injured by a dog bite in Kansas City, you should call us at the Eslinger Law Firm to get the help you need. We know the damage that the bite from a dog can cause; it can be traumatic, debilitating, and in some cases, even life-threatening. That is why we work hard for our clients to get them through the injury claim process so that they can get the compensation they need. We will be with our clients every step of the way fighting for their rights; we will negotiate with the insurance company of the dog’s owner to give our clients the best chance of getting the compensation they need. So, contact the Eslinger Law Firm as soon as possible if you were bitten by a dog in Kansas City.

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Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries can be very dangerous because they can cause a wide variety of injuries as well as infections. That means that even if the bite did not cause a lot of damage, the wound could still get infected and cause serious health consequences for the victim. The following are some of the injuries that can be caused by a dog bite:

Puncture Wounds – These are when the dog’s teeth penetrate the skin. That can result in bleeding because puncture wounds can be deep. Anyone who has suffered puncture wounds because of a dog bite should seek medical help as quickly as possible.

Lacerations – These types of wounds are deep cuts or tears in the skin and can be caused when the dog holds onto the victim and refuses to let go. They can cause excessive bleeding and can lead to heavy scarring. Laceration wounds are often large and deep enough to require stitches.

Abrasions – These are relatively minor wounds since they are usually just superficial scratches or scrapes. However, they can still leave scars, and they are susceptible to infection, so they are still quite dangerous.

Broken Bones – Dogs that have particularly powerful jaws are capable of breaking a person’s bones if they bite hard enough or hold on long enough. When you consider the amount of force required to break a bone, there is a good chance that the victim could receive other injuries as well.

Avulsions – This is what happens when a piece of flesh is torn away by the dog. Needless to say, avulsions can be very painful, very serious, and very traumatic. They are serious enough that the victim could require reconstructive surgery to repair the damage.

Infections – This is always a risk in even the smallest dog bite. Rabies is the most well-known of the dog-transmitted infections, but there are many others to worry about as well.

Nerve Damage – If the bite is deep enough, then that could cause damage to the nerves. That could lead to either temporary or permanent nerve damage.

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Strict Liability Statutes and Dog Bites

Strict liability statutes state that the owner of a dog is liable for any injuries caused by the dog. That is why dog bite victims are able to file an injury claim or lawsuit against the owner of the dog. According to the strict liability statutes, the victim does not have to prove that the dog was dangerous, that the owner knew about the dog’s viciousness, or that the owner was negligent or careless in their handling of the dog. As long as the dog bites and injures someone, the owner is liable.

There are some states that allow a person to sue if they get injured by a dog without getting bit by it. For example, if a dog chases after someone riding a bicycle and causes them to crash and hurt themselves. However, in Missouri the strict liability statutes only apply to dog bites, though there are exceptions; if the injured person was trespassing at the time they were bitten, then they cannot file an injury claim or lawsuit against the dog’s owner. There is also an exception if the injured person had provoked the dog before it bit them. In that case, the injured person is held to be at least partially responsible for the bite.

How An Attorney Can Help You When You Were Bitten By a Dog

When someone gets bitten by a dog, the owner and their insurance company will try to claim that the injured person was partially or completely at fault because they did something to provoke the dog. An attorney can help to prove that the victim was not at fault and that the owner should be held liable. There are many factors that are on the side of the victim and an attorney will know how to leverage them to maximize the victim’s compensation.

Since Missouri is a comparative negligence state, that means that even if the victim was partially at fault for the bite, they could still receive compensation. That compensation is based on their percentage of fault for the dog bite incident. Missouri is also a negligent entrustment state, which means that if the dog bit someone when it was in the care of someone who was not the owner, then the owner can still be held liable. The law states that the owner can still be considered negligent if they allow someone unqualified to handle their dog.

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A dog bite can be a traumatizing and debilitating experience for the victim that could leave them injured and incapacitated. That is why dog bite victims in Kansas City should contact us at The Eslinger Law Firm as soon as possible. We will fight to get our clients the compensation that they need from the insurance company of the dog’s owner. 

We will help you to prove that the owner was negligent and we will negotiate with the insurance company to make sure that they offer a fair settlement. So be sure to get in touch with us at the Eslinger Law Firm as soon as you can after you were bitten by a dog. We will fight to get you the compensation that you need and deserve.