Delivery Truck Accidents

truck accident

In 2019, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the highest proportion of roadway fatalities involved semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and tanker trucks (38%), followed by pickup trucks (17%), delivery trucks (9%), and automobiles (7%). 

UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other private and public-owned delivery services have vehicles that range from vans to box trucks or full-sized semis. These delivery trucks are driven, with deadlines in mind, to deliver goods to consumers and businesses as quickly as possible. 

Due to the surge of individuals buying more goods online because of the COVID-19 pandemic or the efficiency of these delivery services, this had led to more delivery truck traffic and accidents in Kansas City. 

Remember that delivery truck accident lawyers know how to deal with the delivery companies. Hiring a Missouri delivery truck accident attorney could give you the best chance of getting the compensation that you deserve. 

At the Eslinger Law Firm, our Kansas City, MO delivery truck accident attorneys can assist you once you’ve been injured in a delivery truck accident. Have a free consultation to discuss how they will work to get the compensation you need from the delivery truck service. 

Common Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

Determining who is at fault will be essential to recovering damages in an accident. Missouri is an at-fault state, so victims are charged with proving that delivery truck drivers, companies, or manufacturers acted negligibly and caused their injuries. 

Kansas City personal injury lawyers can assist you in combatting some of the following most common causes of delivery truck accidents: 

Breaking The Law

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and will be seen as negligible in most court systems. Speeding recklessly, especially in a delivery truck, is also against the law and could cause devastating collisions. Any violation of federal or state laws in a Kansas City delivery truck accident can be used to prove negligence in court. 

Kansas City truck accident lawyers always recommend filing a police report at the scene of your accident if possible. If the officer assigned to your case admits that laws were broken by the delivery truck driver, then it can be used to support your claim. 

Delivery Truck Driver Error

Delivery truck drivers have the legal duty to operate their trucks with methods that reduce the possibility that other travelers could be injured. Missouri asks their delivery and commercial drives to get higher minimum insurance requirements and special commercial driver’s licensing. 

Delivery Truck Failures

Delivery trucks, especially 18-wheelers, are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents. However, mechanical failures such as flat tires, air brake pressure leaks, and brake fires still occur. Delivery truck owners can still be held liable for mechanical failures that lead to accidents. 

Another advantage to using tractor-trailer rigs for over-the-road delivery services is that these trucks are designed to evenly distribute the weight of the cargo. If a truck’s cargo weight is loaded improperly, then the tractor-trailer could become unstable and cause an accident.  

Distracted Driving

Delivery truck drivers hold others’ lives in their hands, and therefore, are held to a higher standard than are most other drivers. Federal delivery safety laws prohibit the use of cell phones while the truck is in motion. Delivery truck accidents caused by distracted truck drivers could make the delivery service liable.

Contact Us If You Were in a Kansas City Delivery Truck Accident

Whether you were in the accident yourself or you were related to someone who suffered a wrongful death because of a delivery truck accident, we at the Eslinger Law Firm will help you. We can hold the delivery service responsible for the accident accountable and fight to make sure that they fairly compensate you for your injuries. 

Our delivery truck accident attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies to make sure that they treat you fairly. At the Eslinger Law Firm, we understand how crushing an accident involving a large truck can be, which is why we are dedicated to helping you, the victim. Get in touch with us if you or someone close to you was the victim of a truck accident in Kansas City.